The best way to predict the future…is to create it
The best way to predict the future…is to create it

August 2020 Proof Highlights

STGenetics The Number One Contender in Australia on BPI.

The August 2020 ABV release provided outstanding results across the board for the STGenetics Australia team. After adding more Australian milking daughters to his proof CBCONTENDER is now the number one Australian daughter proven bull on BPI.

CBCONTENDER’s August numbers have him sitting at 354 BPI. The clear leader for any bull with daughter information, he has already received great support and usage from the registered sector in Australia. To date, he has 348 registered progeny in 65 herds, in this country. Forty daughters have been officially scored so far for 100% Good Plus. The average score is 82 points, with two 84 point daughters already. There are plenty more on the way through. His cow family is exceptional, and is well known to breeders around the world. He is a CBSUPERSHOT son bred from the heart of the Larcrest Crimson family.

So, where do the super-high index numbers come from? An unbeatable combination of production and health traits. With doubling his daughter numbers in his proof from April to August CBCONTENDER now has 242 daughters in 45 herds and has achieved the following standout figures in August:-  Calving Ease 103, Survival 113, Cell Count 184, Temperament 105, Overall Type 106. All of this backed up by 26kgs of protein and 24kgs of fat, with +513 litres of milk, and positive components. Resulting in 354 BPI. CBCONTENDER is also A2A2. All from a world class cow family.

CONTENDER daughters at Clydevale Holsteins

Topping the list after the August 2020 proofs from the ST stable is Genosource CAPTAIN GTPI 3036 NM 880 a global leader the #1 (15 months or older) sire available in Australia. This A2A2 sire offers high milk and extreme Fat +111 lbs and 0.19% this combination coupled with desirable health traits DPR 1.3. This blacker, Legend bull has plenty on offer for the future direction of breeding in any program. A CE 1.7% sire available in Sexed Ultra 4ML definitely a sire to consider.

Another exciting sire with semen available in Australia is Sandy-Valley 3796 MOON continuing to lift his GTPI now GTPI 2914  NM$732 this blacker bull offers the unique combination; being the only bull in the breed offering GTPI >2900 milk >1700 DPR >.7 and impressive teat length .95 this CE 1.7% sire is available in Sexed Ultra 4ML and conventional definitely a great heifer mating option for the spring.

Dam of Moon – Sandy Valley Lhexi VG87

The polled carrier STGBOLD- P RC at 373 GBPI rounded out a fabulous August for STGenetics. Many dairy producers are keen to continue their polled program without sacrificing production. STGBOLD helps to accommodate that vision. Positive components, positive milk and 66kgs of fat + protein is what this polled carrier delivers. Great calving ease, type and health trait predictions to go with it. STGBOLD is tested A2A2. STGBOLD is available also in Fresh Sexed Ultra 4ML.

Kirk Andrews FONDOO one of the early bulls to stand in the St Genetics Australian program has once again held up well in the August proof round with a BPI of 362 & being one of the higher milk bulls at 1159 litres on the Australian system. This backing up his USA data with a TPI of 2740 & +2404lbs Milk from well attached udders with a rear udder height of 2.62 & width of 2.41 he will add teat length at 1.53, as well as being A2/A2 and available in conventional & Sexed Ultra 4ML. As FONDOO is standing in Australia he is also available in Fresh Sexed Ultra 4ML with many farmers already having heifer calves on the ground from successful FONDOO fresh sexed programs.

Edg Delta B52 this Delta son now  has 37 daughters milking in the USA with a positive DPR of +0.8 with a nice type proof PTAT of 1.56 & UDDERS at 1.65, he will bring the rump angle down with 0.75 sloped & thurl width of 1.31. He once again performed well on the Australian system moving up 16 points to 333 BPI with 335 milk 21 kg protein  0.23% & Fat of 58kgs with an impressive 0.63% .His sire Delta with a BPI of 351 & his dams sire Roylane Bookem Bob is now the number 3 Australian daughter proven BPI bull , & with B52’s maternal line from the famous Larcrest C family that has produced CBCONTENDER the number one Australian daughter proven bull with a BPI of 354 and A2/A2! Makes you think B52 is a bull well suited to the Australian system. He would make a great Sexed Ultra 4ML option to use along side CBCONTENDER this breeding season.

STgen OCALA Red ET is an exciting new Red Holstein bull that combines both Type and Production. He is +3.44 for Rear Udders and +3.16 for rear Udder width. OCALA is +2.85 for PTAT and also adds teat length. He has a Positive DPR and PL and he also comes with 764 Pounds of milk. His sire’s Dam was recently awarded Grand Champion at the Iowa State Show. OCALA is also available in Sexed Ultra 4ML.

OCALA’s sires Dam: TBR Aria Adler-ET EX-95

LANDSLIDE the popular son of Australia’s number 1 BPI Bull (Mr Super Contender) has also improved in the last proof run. LANDSLIDE has made advancements in overall type and has also improved in both fat and protein % and has slightly moved up to +646 pounds of milk. LANDSLIDE is also available in Sexed Ultra 4ML.

The highest available type sire in the world currently is Eclipse MILIO at +3.94 PTAT, he is from the Windy-Knoll-View Pledge cow family sired by Wilt Emilio and dam is Eclipse Octane Princess 13 VG89. Eclipse MILIO heads up the extensive list of STYLE Sires in the ST stable and he stands at TLG and is also available in Sexed Ultra 4ML.

MGD: Eclipse Atwood Princess 8 VG89

Staying with the high type traits we are pleased to advise that JORDY RED is the #1 Proven Red bull for type being +3.03  PTAT in the US, #1 Proven for confirmation at +18 in Canada, #1 Proven for feet and legs improver at +3.53 in the UK. We are incredibly happy with the customer feedback that we have been receiving about JORDY RED as heifers and with the hand full coming into their 1st lactations early reports are impressive.  JORDY RED is available in Sexed Ultra 4ML.

Fancy Jordy Red daughter.

Introducing one of the most exciting young Jersey Sire’s to market Pine-Tree Chrome DETECTIVE. Detective offers positive milk +512lbs and components being combined +59lbs and being a A2A2 Sire. Arguably one of the most balanced sires on the market, with his PTAT +1.80 and DPR +1.5 he is definitely a young sire that will fit a lot of Jersey breeder’s criteria.  DETECTIVE is available in Sexed Ultra 4ML.

For more details on our August 2020 proof release talk to your local STGenetics Australia Area Manager.

We will have available in the coming days our NEW August 2020 directory, which will provide a complete overview of the August proof release…