The best way to predict the future…is to create it

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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Stgenetics Australia are pleased to have a very diverse list of sires available sourced from within the Stgenetics breeding program and with our partners.

We have an exciting line up of industry leading Sires that have been selected to meet the variety of dairy farming systems we see here in Australia.

With fertility and herd performance in mind our portfolio of sires is designed to deliver genetic progress, improved fertility and herd profitability.  Stgenetics Australia makes available a wide range of their sires with sexed ultra 4M semen a product today that maximises semen conception rates.

By choosing and using StGenetics Australia sires you can be confident of world class breeding and fertility solutions, backed by continual investment in research and development.

2020 Sire Update

2020 Sire Directory
Colourbreeds Catalogue

Spring 2019 Grazing Sires Catalogue

Spring 2019 Holstein Directory

Style Sires 2019 Directory

Autumn 2019 Sire Directory

December 2018 Reference Guide

August 2018 Reference Guide

April 2018 Holstein Sire Catalogue

2018 Colourbreeds Sire Catalogue

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