The best way to predict the future…is to create it
The best way to predict the future…is to create it

Create the Future

Predicting the future can be hard

Our aim is to help you create your future through breeding and feeding

A great herd fit for purpose

At the centre of every great dairy enterprise is a great dairy herd suited to the farm system you operate. Whether you are following system 1 or system 5, your herd is critical to your success.

Creating your future starts with understanding what you have today. Our team of breeding advisors are experienced in evaluations and can sire match each animal in the herd based on its lineage and type traits.

The pyramid below displays that once the best cows are identified they should be served using Sexed Ultra 4M female semen to achieve the best heifers.

This gives far greater selection for spring calved herds where retained heifers are selected from the first six weeks of calving.

The stronger stature, more beef type animals can also be served to male sexed semen from superior beef bulls to yield higher value bull beef calves.

Feeding the genetics

Our team are on hand to provide nutritional support for your growing stock and production animals.

Our aim, like yours, is to produce a healthy, productive and profitable heifer or high feed conversion efficiency beef animal.  Our support services work with you to keep growth and production on a profitable track from calf to cull.

We have an impressive line up of bulls to match your breeding goals

whatever your farm system


The advent and continual improvement of sexed semen has heralded a huge leap forward in the breeding of dairy replacements and beef bulls.

Using sexed semen from the best bulls on the best cows to get the best heifers without the risks of getting a bull calf is like pressing the fast forward button on your herds development.

Banking on sexed semen

This technology is now well tried & tested under scientific trials and in the field with over 20 million calves now born to SexedULTRA semen across the globe. Although not quite 100%, over 90% of calves born will be of the desired sex.


The development of SexedULTRA 4M with four million single sex sperm cells means that conception rates are now comparable with conventional semen.

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